The club is run by a Committee which meets at least twice each year to ensure that we review the progress made and any improvements that might be needed in the approach that we take.

We also hold two members meetings each year which provides everyone with the opportunity to contribute to our plans for the forthcoming season.

One of the meetings will be an Annual General Meeting where Committee Members can be elected. For further information see our Constitution which can be downloaded from the download page along with minutes of meetings.

Our Committee is made up as follows.

Chairman – Bernard Grimshaw, Bernard is a presenter with wide experience in the use of Microsoft software, Web development and Windows development. He also has a good understanding of basic hardware and gives advice to members when problems arise with their computers.

Tony Mayhew is our main Windows trainer. Tony has long experience as a trainer with the RAF and now is a key member of our computer club. His very clear and well-prepared tutorials help everyone from beginner to experienced user with language that can be easily understood

Treasurer – Mary Purnell, Mary has a key responsibility to ensure that we always have enough money behind us to pay for the good quality presentation equipment that we use as well as paying for the rental costs of the premises that we hold our meetings in.

Club Secretary – Mary Grimshaw whose job is to make sure that all of our meetings are properly recorded, documented and distributed to the relevant people.

Enid Gathercole is an important member of our team. Her role on the Community Council has been instrumental in facilitating the provision of Fibre Broadband without which we would be unable to provide the services that we do.