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Our Meetings – Windows or iPad – You choose – Either or Both

We understand that everyone has their own preference when it comes to their digital life. Many like the power, flexibility, and big screen offered by Desktop Computers and Laptops. The Windows Operating System though can be tricky and completely frustrating, especially for those with little experience. Our job is to help you to deal with those issues and get the most from your technology.

Tablet computers such as the iPad are brilliant for the less experienced user. Online activities are easy, email is simple to set up and thousand of Apps provide a portal to whatever takes your interest. Better yet, there is far less to learn and go wrong than a Windows system although both have their place.

We run separate sessions for Windows users and IPad users and can sometimes help Android users, so our meetings try to address all of the above, Windows users are provided with a variety of sessions that stretch from beginner to the more confident user. Our iPad group has grown very quickly and the balance between how to use it, and what to use it for, provides a wide range of topics for each session.

Primarily though it is input from the members that help to determine the topics that we cover

We usually meet for two hours on a Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 PM in the Fornham All Saints Community Centre on the A1101